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Before & After School

Before & After School

Before & After-TKD Program is designed to offer school-age children (5 and up) a structured, healthy environment in the hours before school, and between the end of school and when family time begins. We transport children to and from local schools each morning and afternoon as needed. Before study time and after school, children enjoy martial arts instruction, we are not a Child Care.

The program offers:

Staff Certified for First Aid, CPR and AED

  • Transportation to and from school (including days of early dismissal)
  • Convenient hours between 6am and 6:30pm, hours extend to 7:30pm for an extra fee
  • Taekwondo uniform, classes offered 5 days a week, during scheduled evening classes
  • Enrollment can roll over to full-day seasonal programs (Winter, Spring, Summer Programs)
  • 106-inch projection screen TV featuring Netflix, Wii, and X-box
  • NOTE: Full days bag lunches are required.

Our Waldorf location services the following schools within the vicinity of Charles County:

  • William B. Wade Elementary
  • Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary
  • Berry Elementary
  • C. Paul Barnhart Elementary
  • J. P. Ryon Elementary
  • William A. Diggs Elementary
  • Mary B. Neal Elementary
  • Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary
  • Southern Maryland Christian Academy
  • Beddow Montessori - Waldorf
  • Jenifer Elementary
  • Eve Turner Elementary
  • Arthur Middleton*
  • Augustus Brown*
  • Theodore G. Davis Middle School

*call for pickup availability for the current school year