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Charles Arnell Smith Jr.

Master Smith

Black Belt 4th Degree / Master Instructor United States and Collegiate World Taekwondo Champion inducted into 2013 International Hall of Fame

Master Smith, of Fort Washington, Maryland is a young man who is considered one of the best flyweight Taekwondo fighters in the nation and one of the top 10 in the world. He is a two-time World University Games Team Member was an Olympic hopeful for 2012, and won the US National Championship in the Finweight class in Detroit, Michigan. In 2010 Smith qualified for 2012 Olympics, his weight was not picked to go.

Master Smith

Olympic competition is not new to this vibrant young man, who began his Taekwondo training at the age of 9. By 17, Smith was the No. 1 ranked Flyweight in the United States in the Junior Taekwondo Division. Smith was invited to train and live at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, where he was accepted as a United States Olympic resident athlete. Here he prepared to compete for one of the two Olympic consolidated weight divisions available for the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece.

He is a six time United States National Champion, a United States Collegiate Champion, a two time United States Olympic Qualifier, a Pan-American Olympic Qualifier and a five time United States National Team member. Smith maintained a strict training regimen, working out two hours a day three days a week with Master Patrice Remarck who was the former Olympic Coach for USA Taekwondo. In addition to Smith's personal achievements as an Olympic Taekwondo competitor, he opened his own business, Global Sport Taekwondo Academy where he developed a program to teach young childen and adults ages 5 to 99 in the art of Taekwondo. Smith has several students who are USA National Champions attending Global Sport Taekwondo Academy.

Dan Certificate


2010 U.S. National Championships (Fin): GOLD
2010 U.S. Daytona Beach National Qualifer (Fin) BRONZE
2008 Pan American Championship Team Captain
2008 Pan American Championship Team Member
2008 U.S. Senior Nationals (Fin): GOLD
2008 Des Moines National Qualifier (Fin): BRONZE
2008 U.S. Open (Fin): SILVER
2007 World University Games Team Member
2007 World University Games Trials (Fly):1st
2005 U.S. Senior Nationals (Fly): BRONZE
2005 World University Games (Fly): BRONZE
2005 Collegiate Team Trials (Fly): GOLD
2005 National Collegiate Championships (Fly): GOLD
2005 National Qualifier (Fly): GOLD
2004 Pan American Olympic Qualifier: 4th
2004 Pan American Team Member
2004 Pan American Qualifier #2 (Olympic Fly): GOLD
2004 World Olympic Qualifier: 2nd Round
2004 World Olympic Qualifier Team Member
2004 U.S. Olympic Qualifier #1 (Olympic Fly): GOLD
2004 World Taekwondo Championship: 3rd Round
2004 National Team Member
2004 National Team Trials (Fin): GOLD
2003 Senior National Championships (Fin): GOLD
2003 Titan Games Team Member (Olympic Fly)
2002 Korean Open Team Member
2002 Junior Nationals (17-18 yrs.): GOLD
2001 Junior National Team Member
2001 Junior National Championships: GOLD


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