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Looking for an activity for my son to participate in I found Global Sport Taekwondo Academy. Speaking with one of the Instructor's (Ms. Vina) she spoke very highly and professional about the academy. One it is the only USA Taekwondo/Olympic Certified school in the waldorf area. Second every child learns the sport who enters the academy as well speak another language. The Instructor went on yet she won me over.

My son being artistic I was a little nervous as so if he would catch on fast enough. Mr. Keeve as well as Ms. Vina assured me that my son would be fine and that they have dealt with other children with the same diagnoses. Well, they were right! my son who is five artistic, with ADHD, as well as seizures is a white belt and he enjoys the class yet likes the Instructors corrections and firm but lovable ways even more.

All of the Instructors are great with handling a class with majority males that cant keep still or stop talking. Global Sport Taekwondo is not just an Academy but it has a since of togetherness and family. There is also a true love for the sport as well as the children. I see that Global Sport Taekwondo wants to see the children become better than average, in thinking, as well as character.

From: Tia Hill
Son: Arthur Green

"My son has been attending Global Sport Taekwondo for almost a year now and we couldn't be happier! We tried several before and after school programs previously. I can say first hand that my expectations were far exceeded at Global Sport. They don't just focus on fighting, they teach the child discipline and to have respect for everyone. They are like our extended family!"

-written by Timika Snowden

"Upon entering the facility I felt the feeling of home and so did my children as they immediately fell in line with the rest of the children. Global Sport Taekwondo Academy gave my niece and me a breakdown of the program along with prices. We informed them that we had to check another facility and would give them a call to let them know if we would be choosing Global Sport Taekwondo Academy as the children's summer camp. We left there and went to the facility my niece talked about, we did a tour and left.

Once outside my eldest son said to me "Mom I don't mean any harm but I like the first place we visited." It just felt better than this place. So from there, it was Global Sport Taekwondo Academy for summer camp. My children really enjoyed summer camp and some evenings did not want to go home! I too enjoyed the changes in behavior I saw in my children as I watched them grow over the summer."

-written by Ericka Evans Sterling